Shine Essentials

Let. Your. Light. Shine.

100% Handmade

Shine Essentials provides quality local organic  products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in spending our costs on higher quality ingredients rather than on packaging or advertising.  

Here are some ingredients you will and will not find in our products: 

No Paraben - Parabens have been linked to hormonal imbalances.

No Aluminum, No Chemicals, No Dyes, No Sulfates - These ingredients have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

No Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic fragrances contain chemicals that are harmful to health. Our products are made with pure organic essential oils.

No Animal Testing - We feel this is unnecessary and cruel.

Kangen pH Water - This water has been linked to numerous health benefits, including skin care.

Light & Love -  This product is handmade with light & love by Tracy Roberts. Her products are just one way she spreads light & love to others, creating more awareness to what we put into our bodies.


Shine Essentials was inspired by and developed for my yoga students, many of whom were unaware of the truths behind the products they were using. I started offering my organic deodorants and essential sprays as an alternative; then slowly started introducing my other products such as chemical free bug sprays and sunscreens.

The practice of yoga teaches us the truth about our bodies and how we treat and talk to ourselves. Some days, the best way we can love on ourselves is simply being aware of the products we use on ourselves and on our children.

I feel blessed that I get to teach and provide products for people that I love. I truly enjoy developing and making the Shine Essentials line. My hope is that every person would be educated on natural organic products and their benefits.

In all my practices, I end with Ghandi’s quote “It is not the dark we are afraid of, it is our own light”.... “look for the light in others, but more importantly, let them see your light.”