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My Bubble

Tracy RobertsComment

I love being in my bubble. I’ve loved being in it so much that I’ve kept my ideas, my hopes, my wants, and my goals all hidden in my bubble.

How ironic that as a yoga instructor and a mom I encouraged, I pushed, I cheered, I prayed, I guided and gave advice about not being stuck, about not getting too comfortable with what’s familiar, with confining thoughts and thought patterns.

When I started making Shine Essentials products, I’d give it all away. Giving it away pleased people and helped me stay concealed in my bubble.  But then the questions started.  Where can I get more of this product?  Why aren’t you selling this product?  Can you make me X, Y, and Z?  Product requests came in and I found a unique little consignment shop that I loved how it felt when I walked inside: it flows and all the items are hand-made.  That store placed an order that day.  I was so happy and went home and jumped in my bubble.

Then the fear, doubt, dread, and worry set in, all the “what ifs?” What if it doesn’t sell? What if no one likes it? What if the price is too high? What if they don’t care that it’s organic and natural and good for them? Still, I knew it was time to leave my bubble (i.e., to get uncomfortable). 

I started selling Shine Essentials at small venues and farmers markets. I went into several stores trying to get my product into the hands of the right person. I sent emails, I made phone calls.  I had friends reaching out to their contacts. I was putting myself out there.  In fact, I was putting myself out there so much, that I became discouraged. I was spending too much energy pleasing everyone and trying to get Shine Essentials off the ground that I wasn’t taking care of myself.

It was time to come full circle and get clear about my hopes for Shine Essentials. I wanted to create and make healthy products for those who want to use organic and natural and even want to make such things themselves but don’t have the time. Shine Essentials is filling the gap while helping others live a better, healthier, organic life.  I get so excited when I share Shine Essentials products and they truly become believers in all things healthy and organic. I get so excited that I no longer fit in my bubble.

Organic This and Organic That

OrganicTracy RobertsComment

It’s no longer just a trend to eat organic and ask questions about what we put in and on our bodies.  Shine Essentials was created out of a need: mine.

I was quite young when I had a lump in my breast; I was nervous and worried.  The technician who did my mammogram asked me if I used commercial deodorant. When I said, “yes,” she said, “Throw it away and stop using it immediately,” and then walked out of the room.  While feeling completely confused, I dressed to leave and wondered what she said was about.  When I got home, I got online and started reading about commercial deodorants and the dangers aluminum.  How did I not know about this?  Why did it take me so long to get this tiny nugget of information?  Why don’t more people know about this?

I bought several natural deodorants and none of them worked for me. I used a crystal deodorant for a while with mild success but I somehow managed to out funk it.  Not only did the natural deodorants not work they were expensive.  So I as spent more and more money with no lasting success, I became increasingly self-conscious about how I smelled.  As a yoga instructor and working in a gym, this self-consciousness was getting the best of me.

With absolutely no clue what I was doing, I started experimenting with deodorant recipes, and experiment I did.  I worked with many different recipes and ingredients and made many mistakes.  After 14 attempts (yes, 14!), I finally found a recipe that worked well.  It worked so well that when I joked during a yoga class that no one ever wanted to stand by me because I was stinky, one of my students said, “I love how your armpits smell when you adjust me.”

That’s when I told them I made my own deodorant and 3 hands went up and asked to buy some.  That was the beginning of Shine Essentials.  It started because I wanted a deodorant that worked and was safe.  Now, I offer a number of products that blend my desire create products for people who would do it for themselves if they had the time and resources.

Shine Essentials uses natural organic ingredients, high-grade quality essential oils, and minimal packaging.  There is no point in going halfway using only a few good ingredients.  The whole ingredient list must be local, organic, natural and chemical free. It is my intention to keep producing quality, organic products that support for health and wellness.